MU007 MUKTI Vitamin Booster Vital B Elixir 維他命B精華 [30ml]





MU007 MUKTI Vitamin Booster Vital B Elixir 維他命B精華 [30ml]

• B5 能軟化和保濕皮膚,也可抵抗刺激,舒緩和鎮靜肌膚
• 黃瓜提取物通過冷卻皮膚來舒緩和鎮靜炎症
• B3增進皮膚水合作用,令皮膚注滿水
• 無油配方,適合油性或痤瘡皮膚的油脂分泌
• 提高皮膚免疫力,減輕炎症

Vital B性質溫和,增強皮膚透明度和光澤。Niacinamide (維他命B3)是一種多功能維生素,已被證明可以強化皮膚並解決皮膚問題。結合卡卡度果、高山胡椒莓和原生石榴,提供天然舒緩和鎮靜功效,保濕之餘平衡皮脂分泌,增加膠原蛋白和減少色素積聚。

透明質酸(HA)是一種獨特且完全天然的成分,通過枯草芽孢桿菌(Bacillus subtilis),一種具有抗氧化特性的益生菌發酵而產生的。由於其分子量極低,它可以很容易地穿透真皮層,並提供所需水分。為肌膚表面提供瞬間光澤的同時,提供長期持久的效果,改善皮膚深層的質量和質地。

 A gentle elixir that assists with hydration, enhancing skin clarity and luminosity. Niacinamide (B3) is a multi-tasking vitamin that has been shown to strengthen the skin and addresses a plethora of conditions. Combined with soothing and calming native extracts of Kakadu Plum, Mountain Pepper Berry and Native Pomegranate, this elixir works wonders to combat dryness, balance sebum production, increase collagen and decrease pigmentation.

Our Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a unique and completely natural, vegan form of HA. It is produced through the fermentation of Bacillus subtilis, a probiotic that has antioxidant properties. Due to its extremely low molecular weight, it can readily penetrate through all layers of the dermis and deliver plumping and hydrating benefits. Whilst offering an instant radiance to the skin surface, it delivers long-term, lasting results in improving the quality and texture of the deeper dermal layers of the skin.

Made in Australia, Certified Organic, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Nut and Gluten Free. Packaged in Biophotonic glass. 


 1. 深層清潔肌膚
2. 將Vital B Elixir輕輕塗抹於面部,頸部和肩部位置
3. 建議與Age Defiance Day Serum或Night Serum配合使用,達致更佳效果
4. 使用保濕面霜令肌膚水分鎖住

為達致最佳效果,建議Age Defiance系列與Vitamin Booster系列一同使用



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