MU005 MUKTI Hydrating moisturiser 極致柔滑保濕霜


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• 柔滑的保濕霜,能夠豐盈和滋潤肌膚,煥發光彩
• CoEnzyme Q10、卡卡度果、石榴和玫瑰果油具抗氧化功效
• 胡蘿蔔籽和大馬士革玫瑰可以促進彈性和緊緻
• 澳洲堅果、乳木果和可可深層滲透水分,並防止水分流失
• 蘆薈精華舒緩,鎮靜和保濕

天鵝絨般柔滑的保濕霜,能夠豐盈和滋潤肌膚,令肌膚煥發光彩。融入卡卡度果、山龍眼和鳳凰木的生物活性天然提取物,提供天然維他命C。強效抗氧化劑包括CoEnzyme Q10、石栗油、玫瑰果和石榴能強化效果。手工混合大馬士革玫瑰和胡蘿蔔籽提取物,以改善老化皮膚的彈性和緊緻度。
A velvety smooth moisturiser that plumps and hydrates the skin leaving a glowing, dewy finish.

Infused with bioactive native extracts of Kakadu Plum, Banksia and Flame Tree providing naturally occurring Vitamin C and fortified with powerful antioxidants including CoEnzyme Q10, Kukui Nut, Rosehip and Pomegranate. Hand blended with nurturing Damascan Rose and Carrot Seed extracts to improve elasticity and firmness of ageing skin.

Made in Australia, Certified Organic Ingredients, Vegan, Cruelty Free and Gluten Free. Packaged in Biophotonic glass.

1. 深層清潔肌膚
2. 將Vital B Elixir輕輕塗抹於面部、頸部和肩部位置,為肌膚注滿水分
3. 使用Vital C Elixir協助膠原蛋白和彈性蛋白
4. 將Hydrating Moisturiser塗抹於面部,頸部和肩部的關鍵部位,然後輕輕按壓,滲入皮膚
5. 早上可與Age Defiance一起使用
6. 可配合Antioxidant Facial Oil提供額外保濕效果




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